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Weekly News Brief | October 23, 2020
From the Office of Chancellor John Weispfenning, Ph.D.

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Often, we must help our students manage a system of rules that we in the Coast District did not choose. This can be a test of resilience for students and for us as guides.

Undocumented Student Action Week exemplifies this role. We do not set the policies our Dreamer and other students must navigate. Yet, as educators and trusted advisors, we empower our students to obtain the resources and opportunities available to them. So, today, I share my appreciation for all those who coordinated virtual Undocumented Student Action Week sessions for the Coast District. You have made us all more knowledgeable guides for our Dreamers.

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In a different way, we faced a situation beyond our direct control in the COVID-19 pandemic and the public health decisions at the local, state, and federal levels.

At this week's Board of Trustees meeting, I shared a report of where the Coast District is on our goals – goals set early in the outbreak. Those goals have not been abandoned. We continued to seek equitable student success, even as our classes remain online. We continued to meet our students' essential needs, even while providing services at a distance. We continued to persevere because faculty, classified staff, and managers carried on with the Coast District's vital mission.

This was a learning year like no other, and 2020 will leave its mark. Many of the new tools adopted by necessity will find their way into our eventual post-pandemic practices. So too, should a sense of achievement for everyone who navigated this crisis.

We have been tested, and we have proven our resilience.

Be well,


John Weispfenning, Ph.D.


Report from the Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees gathered around a conference table in conversation

On Wednesday, October 21, the Board of Trustees met in regular session. The Board conducted a public hearing leading to the adoption of the 2020-2021 final budget for the Coast Community College District, with approximately $201 million in total computational revenue based on current formulas and projections. Though considered final, Vice Chancellor Andy Dunn described a number of scenarios that could still affect this year's budget – the most significant being ongoing state budget adjustments and the uncertainty around federal pandemic aid.

Chancellor Weispfenning reviewed districtwide goals with the trustees, including a focus on student success and equity, educational technology, fiscal integrity, enrollments, and employee, student, and community relations. The Chancellor acknowledged the challenges due to the ongoing pandemic and related uncertainty in enrollment and funding, while highlighting efforts within the Coast District to overcome these challenges.

Vice Chancellor Andreea Serban reported to the trustees on the status of the number full-time faculty required by the state based on enrollment. The Coast District is expected to be well above that requirement this year and next. Based on that assessment, full-time faculty hires are not anticipated for fall 2021. Vice Chancellor Dunn reviewed another measure that requires 50 percent of the community college district budgets be spent on salaries of classroom instructors. The Coast District remains in compliance for 2020, though enrollments and retirements will affect that calculation going forward.

Coastline College faculty presented on the Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Professional program. Trustees conveyed how important it is to provide students this opportunity and to meet the demand in a growing health field.


Headlines and Accolades

Coastline Recognized by Hispanic Outlook Education Magazine
The Hispanic Outlook Education Magazine has recognized Coastline College as one of their Top 100 Colleges and Universities serving the Hispanic students nationwide this year. Coastline ranked Top 100 in Grand Total Associates Degrees and Top 10 Degrees by major at number seven in Area Ethnic Culture Gender and Group Studies Degree. Read more...


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