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Weekly News Brief | November 6, 2020
From the Office of Chancellor John Weispfenning, Ph.D.

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Even as key figures change, it appears likely that divided government will continue at the federal level. Those watching the election coverage were faced with how divided we truly are in this country. It's not just that we are living different experiences, in many ways we seem to be experiencing different realities. This makes it difficult to find common ground in seeking shared resolutions to problems through give-and-take negotiations.

We at the Coast District are not expected to, nor could we, address all of the nation's divide. Yet, we are in a unique position as a place where people of differing viewpoints meet. These meeting points are rare in a polarized world. We should embrace our opportunity to share a community with those whose views differ. Minds are rarely changed by shouting; it is the quiet exchange in an environment of trust that empowers growth and sparks new thinking.

Trust can begin with the narrowest of common cause. Here in the Coast District, we should all be able to relate to our care for students and focus on our mission of service. From this spark we can nurture tolerance, acceptance, and respect. It is not always possible and rarely easy to see past our divisions, yet we must try within the Coast District for our students' sake. That effort is, in a powerful way, its own growth and learning opportunity.

Be well,


John Weispfenning, Ph.D.


Report from the Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees gathered around a conference table in conversation

On Wednesday, November 4, the Board of Trustees met in regular session. Vice Chancellor Andy Dunn presented a report to trustees on the projected value of retiree health benefits provided in accordance with employment contracts and agreements. The Coast District continues to make progress on matching invested trust funds with future commitments.

The Chancellor shared his takeaways from a CEO Leadership Alliance Orange County meeting which discussed broadening economic access. The Chancellor is accepting an invitation to join an education-focused committee of CLA-OC to address workforce preparation.

Trustees also asked that the Chancellor develop a separate schedule of reports to the Board related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This will bring increased focus to the work of the District and trustees in these areas.

Lastly, the Board adopted a schedule of meetings for 2021.


A Community for our Veterans

American Flag in front of the sign for Coast Community College District


The loss of community can be significant for those leaving the military, especially during a time of social distancing. Veteran Resource Centers at Coastline College, Golden West College, and Orange Coast College are working hard to maintain fellowship among our active and former servicemembers.

The Coast District takes pride in the success of our veteran students and is committed to being a welcoming community for our active and former servicemembers.

Veterans Day, November 11, 2020, provides a reminder to reach out to a veteran in your life by phone or video to demonstrate a commitment to their wellbeing.


Schedule, Week of November 9

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Wednesday, November 11, for Veterans Day

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