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Weekly News Brief | November 13, 2020
From the Office of Chancellor John Weispfenning, Ph.D.

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The feelings around Veterans Day are complex. Some remember a person they lost. For others, it is an opportunity to call a parent, sibling, cousin, or other loved one and thank them. And for others, including those who work in our Veterans Resource Centers, this is a yearly call to action.

My own experience of Veterans Day revolves around memories of my father, who "walked the length of Europe" in his own words during the battles of World War II. My mother never could convince him to return as a civilian. Walter Weispfenning's memories of Europe would always be of conflict and battle, alongside bravery and heroism. In fact, my dad's report on the heroic actions of fellow soldier Audie Murphy contributed to Murphy's receipt of the Medal of Honor – the highest achievement for the most decorated American combat soldier of the war.

My father never glorified conflict. He knew the real cost that soldiers pay when the fighting begins. Yet, he was willing to put his life on the line for his family and the ideas of a country – imperfect as we may be – that he swore to protect.

The sacrifice of our servicemembers should remind all of us that we have a shared legacy purchased by those who came before us. We are now tasked with being there for every veteran of every conflict. As educators and advisors, we are here to help our veterans make the difficult transition back to civilian life. And, as a country, we are challenged to resolve our differences through peaceful democratic practices and find our common cause.

In that spirit, let's continue to reaffirm our principles, confront our shortfalls, and welcome healing dialogue that leads to action. That is the legacy that so many fought to achieve.

Be well,


John Weispfenning, Ph.D.


Honoring our Veterans

American flag as painted lines with five stars followed by the text honoring those who served, veterans day, and the Coastline College logo that is a dark blue shield with a light blue c

Coastline College provides a literary salute to our veterans through interviews with Director of Adult Education Michael Scott and Veterans Services Coordinator Tom Boscamp on how to educationally serve those who served. Read the full piece on the Coastline College Blog.


Almost Presidential

Map of the United States with offset states, the color red with the word almost and the color blue with the word presidential

Following on the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election on November 3, a film connected to Orange Coast College's Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion's newest online project, "ALMOST PRESIDENTIAL," looks at vice presidents and failed presidential candidates, investigating names forgotten to history or reduced to one-liners and supporting roles outside the spotlight. "ALMOST PRESIDENTIAL – THE FILM" runs until December 16, 2020. View the film on the Orange Coast College YouTube channel.


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Native American Heritage Month

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