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Weekly News Brief | August 20, 2021
From the Office of Chancellor John Weispfenning, Ph.D.

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As noted in my message yesterday, the Board of Trustees acted to reinstate a face coverings requirement while indoors this week. There are allowances in the policy for those in a room alone, eating and drinking, and for outdoor spaces.

Also announced yesterday, we are holding at current levels of in-person presence for our offices and departments. This should give us time to readjust to renewed face covering and social distancing guidance. I too appreciated that brief window where we seemed to be able to have interactions without masks at two or three feet of distance rather than six. Layering back on the protections is necessary for your health and the ability to reclaim an in-person educational environment for our students.

One of the early questions in any requirement is who enforces the policy. I would ask that you treat this as you would someone vaping indoors. Managers have an enforcement role for their departments and faculty have an enforcement role for their classrooms. It is appropriate for staff to remind people of the policy. But, ultimately, you should avoid unnecessary conflict. If someone refuses to follow protocol then it becomes a discipline issue, which has established processes.

We should also begin to prepare for the possibility of a vaccine mandate and testing protocol. The Board has conveyed their intentions to move in this direction. If you can get vaccinated yet are not, now is the time to consider making a vaccine appointment. There is no need to wait for a mandate to protect yourself and your family.

I continue to ask that we all remain kind in this journey. Resistance to masking, vaccination, or other requirements may have many sources. As an educational institution, our greatest strength is in knowledge from qualified scholarly sources. The Board acted this week based on public health expertise. We now have an opportunity to share our knowledge with others.

Be well,


John Weispfenning, Ph.D.


Report from the Board of Trustees

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On Wednesday, August 18, the Board of Trustees met in regular session and approved modified requirements for face coverings while on Coast District properties. Trustees mandated the use of face coverings by all individuals while on campus or at District facilities, regardless of vaccination status, subject to the following: face coverings may be removed in rooms where only a single individual is present, face coverings may be removed when individuals are eating or drinking and appropriate spacing is maintained, and face coverings may be removed outdoors if efforts are taken to avoid close contact with others.

The Board expressed serious concern about the current status of COVID-19 spread and noted the prudence of taking additional steps to provide layers of protection, directing the development of a vaccination mandate and testing protocols as soon as possible. Trustees additionally approved the Coast District's 2023-2027 Five Year Construction Plan and gave notice of completion for the Orange Coast College Professional Mariner Training Center Project.

Vice Chancellor Andreea Serban reported on various performance measures and retention strategies. She noted that student success in fall 2020 exceeded the past five fall terms, if not reaching historic highs. These results were attributed in part to the commitment and resiliency of the students attending through the pandemic. Total degrees awarded did decline districtwide as a result of pandemic-related enrollment decline and need for certain classes not available online. Trustees lauded improvement in persistence/completion rates – crediting faculty for their efforts.

Further, Janet Houlihan, president of the Enterprise Corporation, provided a report on the status of swap meet operations including attendance and face covering practices. Additionally, Vice Chancellor Andy Dunn provided a report on workers' compensation self-insured claims.

The trustees adjourned in memory of Duane Ratzlaff, part-time faculty member at Coastline College.


College News


Coastline's Associated Student Government (ASG) is accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Students are encouraged to apply to be the voice for the students of Coastline. Membership does not require that previous experience with student body advocacy, only a willingness to make a difference, be an advocate for fellow students, and an interest in doing the best job to make Coastline a better place for all who attend.


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Student parking permits will not be required for parking at Golden West College during the Fall 2021 semester. Daily or visitor parking permits will also not be required. Since no permit will be required, your car will not be ticketed for not having a permit. Be sure to follow all other parking regulations and only park in the Handicapped spaces if you have the appropriately issued placard. Do not park in the Fire Lanes marked by red painted curbs as they may result in a parking citation. Beginning January 2, 2022, student and visitor parking permits will be required for the Spring 2022 semester.


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Orange Coast College is looking to hire student assistants on campus for the Fall 2021 term. Student employment provides opportunity to earn money and continue education, to train with people who manage the day-to-day business of the institution, and to combine academic study with on-the-job experience. Job opportunities under this program offer temporary employment for students with the Coast Community College District.


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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

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National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 to October 15. To celebrate, the Coast District will be highlighting staff, faculty, and students. If you would like to participate, please fill out the questionnaire. Submissions are optional and meant for public release (such as social media). Please send a photo of yourself to for the artwork.


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