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Weekly News Brief | September 17, 2021
From the Office of Chancellor John Weispfenning, Ph.D.

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All the advanced work completed together over the summer is now being tested in the fall. In education, we are familiar with being tested. A key part of navigating any test is the flexibility to apply all we learned in some unexpected ways.

Likewise, I've heard from many who are working through the challenges of matching planning and expectations to reality. While general policies fit most people, there are always individual circumstances that are as compelling as they are unique.

I ask that we try to take the different, the unexpected, in stride – applying the policies as best we can while exercising patience in the moment. Kindness and compassion must be core values, even as we make the difficult yet necessary choices to protect ourselves, each other, and our families.

This is a test, but it's a group test. We are here as a community of helpers, each lending our talents to the progress of the whole. Asking for help and leaning in to help others is how you succeed. You've done the work to prepare, now it's time to work together so we can pass the test.

Be well,


John Weispfenning, Ph.D.


College News


For National Hispanic Heritage Month, Coastline College will be hosting various events beginning September 15 through October 15. The events, all of which will be online, include a Healing Ceremony, College Fair, Dance Therapy, Student Leadership Conference, celebration of Día de los Muertos, Financial Aid assistance, and a roundtable discussion.


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Golden West College has GWC Ambassadors on campus, such as Vera, to assist students navigate their college experience. GWC Ambassadors offer peer-to-peer support and referrals for new, returning, and future GWC students. The knowledgeable team offers support via phone, text, and email. Additionally, they support GWC recruitment efforts like presentations, workshops, and campus tours.

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Image and profile of student ambassador Vera Beaumont
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In a groundbreaking film festival event, Orange Coast College will host the first annual "Dome Fest West" from October 8 through October 10 in its Planetarium. The three-day immersive film festival and conference brings together Hollywood filmmakers and up-and-coming immersive content creators to screen 32 feature films that use 360-degree technology popularized by virtual reality and augmented reality productions. The festival also features, in partnership with IMERSA, new technology presentations, industry panels, and interactive workshops. OCC's Planetarium, with its 129-seat domed theater, is the perfect venue to view immersive media, which makes viewers feel as though they are within a production. Event organizers expect up to 1500 immersive filmmakers from around the globe to attend the in-person and virtual festival, which has been designed to take fulldome content "to the next level."


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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

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The Coast District is proud to celebrate the contributions of Hispanic and Latinx leaders districtwide. Leadership is demonstrated in multiple ways by students, faculty, classified and confidential staff, and management.

Sharing a Meal, Bringing Awareness

Today's words of celebration are from Luis Morales, Graphic Designer at Coastline College.

What does National Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?
It's a great occasion to celebrate the Hispanic individuals that have helped shape this country and transform the world.

What contribution by the Hispanic community are you most proud of?
I am the most proud of the cuisine, which not only has helped create businesses and shaped economies, but has brought people from all walks of life together to share a meal.

Who is your role model?
Roberto Clemente is one of my role models. As incredible as he was as a baseball player, he was an even better person. He constantly provided aid for those in need and helped communities who were suffering with poverty. We can all learn from his selflessness and willingness to use his public persona to bring awareness to those less fortunate.

What brings you joy?
My family and friends.


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